Meet Maria, Today and Tomorrow

The Current 2-1-1 Connection

Maria, whose husband was recently laid off, calls 2-1-1 when she receives a shut-off notice for her utilities because bills are unpaid.

2-1-1 staff talk with Maria about her situation and collect basic demographic information and provides referrals to utility assistance, employment assistance programs for her husband, caregiver support because she is caring for her aging parent, and the local food bank in her neighborhood.

Maria writes down the referrals and calls each referral agency to find help.

Months later, Maria calls 2-1-1 again seeking child care information and has to provide her demographic and situational information again to a new agent.


Maria Tomorrow

Here’s Maria’s experience in the 2-1-1 NextGen connection

Maria connects to 2-1-1 on her mobile device and the Client Services Representative locates her existing 2-1-1 customer record.

After collecting brief updates, 2-1-1 automatically sends single application to multiple programs, saving Maria the burden of calling and applying to each program individually.

Maria receives her personalized resource information via text and email and also signs up to receive email/text alerts when new resources in her neighborhood are added to the 2-1-1 database.

Maria creates an online profile and her 2-1-1 resource search results are saved for future use.

Elderhelp, Today and Tomorrow

The Current 2-1-1 Connection


ElderHelp of San Diego updates their 2-1-1 Profile online annually.

ElderHelp refers clients to 2-1-1 for help.

ElderHelp staff access the 2-1-1 website to search for resources for their clients.

Elderhelp Today

Elderhelp Tomorrow

Here’s how the 2-1-1 NextGen connection allows ElderHelp to better serve their clients

ElderHelp offices are co-located at the 2-1-1 Connections Center, where the agency shares meeting and training space with other nonprofit organizations. ElderHelp utilizes 2-1-1 telephone and technology systems to save costs, share information and provide seamless referrals to clients.

2-1-1 NextGen allows ElderHelp to streamline intake and receive electronic referrals of eligible clients reducing outreach and assessment burden.

ElderHelp staff have personalized 2-1-1 dashboards including real time data sharing: alerts when clients access other services; alerts when new resources for seniors are added in the 2-1-1 database anywhere in the county; reports of available shelter beds; and online blogs and communication with other providers.

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