A Unique, Collaborative Environment

Our region’s new adventure begins with a new 30,000 square foot facility equipped with the latest NextGen technology and two critical service areas.

Capital Campaign Goal: $5,000,000

2-1-1 is leveraging a $2 million dollar federal grant, the largest award in the U.S. made under the Veteran’s Transportation and Community Living Initiative. 2-1-1 is developing a ‘one-call, one-click’ technology and is the first county in the nation to embark on such an innovative and ambitious service model.

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Campaign Goal

The Connections Center (First Floor) – To Be Named

Equipped with outreach offices, training classrooms and meeting rooms, the Connections Center is the home to multiple 2-1-1 regional partners facilitating greater integrated service delivery. More than just shared space, it links these partner teams with systems, information, technology and infrastructure – enabling synergistic discussions with collaborative solutions.

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2-1-1 Operations Center (Second Floor) – To Be Named

2-1-1’s service response capacity has doubled to accommodate continued projected growth to expand service pathways to more San Diegans in need.

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Naming Opportunities

2-1-1 will recognize and honor significant financial gifts by naming an area in the new Connections Center located in central San Diego. More than 8,000 visitors, including elected officials, dignitaries, corporations and service providers from across the nation tour 2-1-1 each year. This is a unique opportunity for permanent public recognition.

Naming of our new home will be dedicated to honor the donor who provides visionary leadership to advance 2-1-1’s service as San Diego’s trusted information and referral hub. As an ongoing tribute to this generous lead donor, exterior signage will carry this donor’s name as well as all advertising and promotions referencing 2-1-1 San Diego’s location.
Room 115Given the shortage of free meeting space in San Diego, this large community gathering space provides a flexible meeting room options for our resource partners. Adjacent to the large Town Hall space, the Community Room has been designed with flexible dividers, to accommodate large or smaller gatherings. Access to an adjacent food preparation and serving area also is provided.
This stunning and circular glass entrance area will welcome all who visit, work or collaborate with 2-1-1 San Diego. As the single public point of entry for the facility, this lobby will be showcase the generosity of this donor to more than 10,000 local and national visitors each year.
TownhallCentral to 2-1-1’s mission is fostering collaboration and innovative service solutions. This large and open community space will provide a central and informal gathering space to promote community discussions and partnerships. Equipped with moveable furniture, this space will be available for community usage for town hall meetings and events.

Manpower RoomThis large training classroom is the perfect place to host community meetings, capacity-building workshops, and seminars. Adjacent to the Town Hall and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this classroom will also be available to community nonprofits. All events or workshops referencing this location will bear the donor’s name.

Haimsohn RoomLocated on the second floor of the 2-1-1 Connections Center, the Sophie & Henry Haimsohn Executive Board Room is the ideal space to host your next high-level meeting or special VIP gathering. The Executive Board Room’s state of the art technology, sophisticated décor and ergonomic chairs provide executive elegance to any professional gathering.
Room 103Located adjacent to 2-1-1’s lobby, this meeting room provides an intimate space for any small professional gathering. The square conference room table promotes collaboration and unity for any meeting.
Room 106Located adjacent to Town Hall’s large community connection space, this conference room provides a separate setting for conference discussions. The small round table encourages teamwork and conversation. Equipped with the same state-of-the-art technology as the rest of the 2-1-1 Connections Center but in a more intimate space, this room is ideal for partner meetings and department breakout sessions.
BehnerThis state-of-the art conference room located on the second floor of the 2-1-1 Connections Center can host Board meetings, small group meetings and educational sessions. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, it is available to host any intimate professional gathering.
This lounge offers kitchen amenities for the facility and serves as a break room for staff and volunteers. During times of disaster when high volumes of volunteers are on-site answering calls, this lounge plays a central support role.
Assisting some 2-1-1 clients through life-challenging situations can often be emotionally challenging for 2-1-1 staff and volunteers. This space provides a quiet place for reflection and centering.
This quiet space is equipped with a full sink, changing station and comfortable seating for nursing moms. As 71% of 2-1-1 clients are females, this highly used space won national awards in our previous facility, and continues to be a priority service amenity for 2-1-1’s female clients.
Central to 2-1-1’s vision for “omni channel service”, these small rooms provide space for individualized and private coaching sessions for 2-1-1 staff to utilize when assisting clients.
This coffee bar provides 24/7 refreshment service to 2-1-1 visitors, staff, and volunteers.

Connie Matsui, Chair, San Diego Foundation Board of Governors“2-1-1’s Connection Center will help convene San Diego nonprofits and funding partners around critical community issues. With 2-1-1’s NextGen technology, we can really get our arms around barriers and trends. For funders, it can streamline our philanthropic resources for greater impact and provide our community with increased information and efficiencies.”

–Connie Matsui, Chair, San Diego Foundation Board of Governors

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